*Online Second Eight Week session March 5-May 6, 2018; Distance Education tuition rates apply; Lab equipment needs to be purchased from the MSU Bookstore, www.mayvillestatebookstore.com before the session begins. Last day to withdraw is April 19, 2018.
This lab course is intended for students that are co-enrolled in the corresponding lecture course. For this online lab you need to purchase lab kit from the MSU bookstore (about $600). If the kit is sent back to the bookstore in good condition at the end of the 8-week term, the bookstore will buy the kit back for about $340. The original cost of the kit is the replacement cost if a kit is not sent back. You will not be able to find the kit elsewhere and the Physics I kit and Physics II kits are different so one kit will not allow you to do all the labs in both courses. *Go to: http://www.mayvillestate.edu/msu-online/msu-online/online-course-schedule/