SPED 340 Assessment & Documentation in Infant & Toddler Programs (3)
Class Number: 3339 Instructor: Johnna Westby
Cross-listed with EC 340. The purpose of this course is to emphasize the importance of assessment and documentation in Infant/Toddler Programs. Students will explore a variety of assessment techniques which are unique to the infant/toddler setting. A number of tools used to document children's development as well as ways to communicate with parents of infants and toddlers, will be central to this course. It is especially important to consider each child's family and culture when planning appropriate assessment. Students will participate in field work which will allow them to develop their assessment and documentation skills.
*Online; Distance Education tuition rates apply; Pre-reqs: EC 210 and EC 211; Cross-listed with EC 340 *Go to: http://www.mayvillestate.edu/msu-online/msu-online/online-course-schedule/