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To Login: Go to the upper right corner and click "login".



Access Your Section using the toolbar above. You can select "My Courses" to see a list of your sections.


You can also use the other toolbar options. For example, if you are an advisory council or RSVPe board member select the “Advisory Council & RSVPe Board” section in the toolbar to see a list of the advisory council areas. Click your area to enter the moodle page.



Did you end up outside the familiar area? If you end up outside of our moodle space you may notice the RSVP+ logo disappears. Don't worry. In the toolbar where "My Courses" used to be visible, "My Enrollments" now exists. Click there to gain access back to your sections and our homepage.


If you need any assitance contact Aaron Bach at 701-231-7659 or email aaron.bach@ndsu.edu